In The Port of Amsterdam


One day my uncle and I got in his Benz and took a road trip to Amsterdam. He had a business trip up there and what better way to explore a new city than to just wander around? He showed me the Royal Palace and the Heineken breweries (I swear there was one on every corner) we even hunted down the legendary bench from the movie Our Fault In The Stars. Everywhere you go you get a waft of a weed from bikers that pass you by.

                                **** PLEASE ALWAYS LOOK OUT FOR BIKERS!!****

(I was accidentally walking in the bike lane of the sidewalk and almost got killed. Please don’t be the dumb unaware tourist like me)

My first stop was to the Artis Zoo because I haven’t been to a zoo in ages and I wanted to see the butterfly exhibit and the elephants. It was a peaceful little day at the zoo after seeing all the amazing creatures. After the zoo I walked up a couple blocks to a little gift shop and they literally sold edibles right there along with postcards and other Amsterdam souvenirs.

When I met back with him at the cafe he looked at his watch and said “Oh we are going to be late for our appointment!” I followed him as we walked along the streets by the canal. Its hard to keep up with him because he is a fast walker, but he turned and asked me, “Aren’t you curious where this appointment is?” I said, “Well yeah! But I figured I would just try to keep up with you and see what it was eventually. Along the canal there was a man on a boat that yelled out. Apparently my Uncle knew him and there was even a Belgian flag off the tail of his boat. My Uncle said, “Hop on!” We got on a beautiful remodeled boat and our captain gave me the grand tour of the city from the canals. We came across the Anne Frank house and there was a ridiculous long line to get in. We boated into the expensive neighborhoods and it was so beautiful with all the trees and the still of the water. The captain asked if I wanted to take over, and I got so excited. Yes, I got to drive a boat in the canals of Amsterdam. How many people do you know that get to say that?


The most interesting part of the boating adventure was seeing all the unique boat houses. Some of them were so modern and cozy looking, it convinced me that someday I would want to live in one! We drove past a big one where the captain told us a writer lived in. The windows of his place were open and we saw the writer inside behind his laptop. He noticed us too and waved and we got to wave back.

Overall the day was the coolest experience getting to be in a new country. Amsterdam is a fun city for young and progressive people. If I could go back anywhere, that would be my first choice because I wish I had more than a day to see more of the historical sites. If you ever get the chance, don’t forget to bring your umbrella!




One thought on “In The Port of Amsterdam

  1. OH! Love your Amsterdam photos! I am Chy from Her Lost Mango ! Nice to meet you! OMG! Wow! So lucky! Lovely photos! For some reasons, I really like their fries in Amsterdam! haha. I just posted another Europe trip of mine! Amsterdam Lights and Canals . Would really love to connect with you! Just followed you too! XOXO

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